Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 5 – Bruce McVean, City of London Corporation

Bruce McVean, Acting Assistant Director for City Transportation at the City of London Corporation, joins Intelligent Transport for our latest podcast, explaining how the Corporation is endeavouring to make streets within London’s Square Mile cleaner and safer.

In this episode, Intelligent Transport editor Luke Antoniou chats with the City of London Corporation’s Bruce McVean about safety, mobility and sustainability on the streets of London’s Square Mile.

Find out what the primary goals are for mobility within the City, and how the Corporation’s transport strategy overlaps with policies throughout Greater London to support the Mayor’s own transport plans and initiatives.

Elsewhere, there’s focus on the importance of keeping transport and urban planning closely linked as urbanisation continues – even in an already-dense space like the Square Mile. Within this, we also look at the importance of planning in encouraging more active transport, like walking and cycling, plus how authorities can look to futureproof infrastructure and services for similar levels of changes our cities have seen in the last few years.

Naturally, part of futureproofing any city’s services and infrastructure is to ensure that they are sustainable, and Bruce talks through how the City is ensuring that its continued growth and development is cleaner and more environmentally-friendly than ever, specifically focusing on the part that transport has to play.

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