Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 18 – Steven Ahlig, Siemens Mobility Software, and Olga Nevska, Telekom Mobility Solutions

For the latest episode of the Intelligent Transport Podcast, Siemens Mobility Software’s Steven Ahlig and Olga Nevska of Telekom MobilitySolutions sit down to share their thoughts on the importance of Mobility-as-a-Service and what its future may look like, whilst also offering exclusive insight into the Hacon and Telekom partnership that is set to deliver an effective, efficient mobility platform within Germany.

Beginning the conversation for this episode of the Intelligent Transport podcast, Steven Ahlig (Head of Portfolio & Strategy at Siemens Mobility Software) and Olga Nevska (CEO of Telekom MobilitySolutions) share exclusive insight into the partnership between the two companies, first announced in September 2021, which has resulted in the development of a new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that will make mobility easier, more convenient and more cost effective compared to the private car.

Then, taking the opportunity to consider MaaS in more general terms, Steven and Olga offer their thoughts on why it is so important that mobility platforms like theirs are developed and delivered effectively, as well as whether MaaS will be a key and valued part of the future of the public transport industry. 

Finally, to close the conversation, Steven and Olga take the opportunity to consider what the future of Mobility-as-a-Service may look like, how they hope it will develop and what role they see the Telekom mobility platform playing in their ideal future.

Olga Nevska TelekomOlga Nevska is the CEO of Telekom MobilitySolutions.


Steven Ahlig SiemensSteven Ahlig is the Head of Portfolio & Strategy at Siemens Mobility Software.