Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 16 – Douglas Spears, Modaxo

In the latest episode of Intelligent Transport’s podcast, Douglas Spears, Modaxo’s Director of Product Management, discusses a wide range of innovations that are currently being developed and implemented across the public transport industry – including electrification and Mobility-on-Demand, among others – and considers what the future of the industry may look like.

Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 16 - Douglas Spears, Modaxo

Our conversation begins by considering the innovation requirements of ‘megacities’, as well as the challenges that these megacities face when trying to implement them – in particular, Douglas highlights the problems that are faced when implementing innovations such as ITS solutions, scheduling and dispatching systems, duty allocation software and vehicle monitoring software.

Then, we move on to discussing one of the most significant innovations that the industry is currently implementing – the electrification of public transport. Douglas shares his thoughts on what is already being done by the sector, and how technology and data can support these efforts further – particularly by improving operational efficiency. 

In the second half of the podcast, we focus on what Douglas considers to be the three key areas of innovation that is needed within public transport: ITS, data and analytics and Mobility-on-Demand. We focus particularly on Mobility-on-Demand – considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of the technology that facilitates Mobility-on-Demand, resulting in a subsequent increase in its adoption. 

Douglas Spears ModaxoDouglas Spears is an innovative executive with over 20 years of expertise and experience in product management, product development and product marketing. Having joined Modaxo in 2021, he is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the product portfolio, requirements management, life cycle management and roadmaps to ensure that they meet local market needs. Douglas has an extensive background in web-based software (SaaS) applications and managing internal development resources, contractors and partnerships.

Douglas has been an active member of the transportation and mobility community since 2004, including participation in various industry organisations and partnerships in the U.S. and Europe. He has provided keynote and subject matter expert speaking engagements at industry events, and worked directly with various transit agency C-level teams to define new service mode concepts.

As a product visionary, Douglas has strong skills especially in stakeholder management and internal evangelism. A trusted and servant leader approach with a desire to inspire others to elevate, Douglas thrives in multi-cultural environment and is always eager to improve by learning and teaching.