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Cranfield University



Reducing motion sickness and improving passenger experience in a CAV future

24 June 2019 | By , ,

Research from Cranfield University has determined a formula that can reduce the effects of motion sickness while in an autonomous vehicle. Here, Intelligent Transport's Eve De Clerk spoke with Zaw Htike, who is conducting the research, and Stefano Longo, Senior Lecturer in Vehicle Control at Cranfield University, to find out more.


The future of autonomous public transport in the UK

11 June 2017 | By Dr Amir Soltani, Head of the Automotive Mechatronic Lab within the Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre at the UK’s Cranfield University

The Automotive industry is on the verge of one of the most disruptive changes since its first introduction about 100 years ago. The synergetic effect of four technology enablers, so-called: Electrification, Smartness, Autonomy and Connectivity, are going to change transportation systems forever. By most estimates, fully autonomous vehicles are to…