Whitepaper: Advancing transit system security

Posted: 5 May 2016 | | 1 comment

Making Mass Transit More Secure: Implementing Kontron IOT-enabled COTS platforms for smarter, real-time video surveillance…

Escalating threats, security breaches and attacks calls for implementing the highest transit system security possible. Video surveillance is a key element in making mass transit more secure. It can also help improve operator efficiency, cut costs and enhance the overall passenger experience by reducing delays or disruptions to service from unforeseen mechanical breakdowns, track obstructions or just traffic congestion.

Hampering security system advancements are current fragmented, proprietary video surveillance technology solutions. Enabling a new generation of data driven, intelligent video surveillance is Kontron’s commercial off the shelf (COTS), application-ready transportation computing technologies. With Kontron COTS network video recorders (NVRs) and other transportation-centric platforms, developers can easily customize and configure smarter solutions that deliver real-time data analytics and remote system monitoring. Based on open computing architectures, these platforms not only maximize existing transit agency infrastructure investments, they also help prepare operators for future infrastructure efficiency improvements such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Learn more

  • How Kontron’s feature-rich IoT solutions are revolutionizing video surveillance leading to more secure transportation systems
  • Using Kontron solutions to help operators and their suppliers implement massively-connected real-time information systems much more quickly and at far less cost than ever before
  • The role of advanced computing platforms and video management software in expanding security capabilities
  • Ways to future-proof large network management solutions preparing for the new era of the ‘connected train’

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One response to “Whitepaper: Advancing transit system security”

  1. Lutfu Akcil says:

    We’re looking for an innovative PIS/PAS and CCTV solution for metro/tram systems in Istanbul.

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