How to enable reliable, safe mobility on campuses with on-demand transportation software

Posted: 20 September 2022 | | No comments yet

Find out more from Ecolane about how it is supporting transit agencies in offering safe, reliable and efficient ways for students to travel around campus whilst increasing productivity and maximising efficiency.

Students rely on campus transportation to get to and from classes safely. That is why it is so important to provide safe, reliable and efficient ways of getting around campus. Maybe that includes fixed-route buses with critical schedules, Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT), or even point-to-point shuttle operations.

Ecolane develops superior transit scheduling software that provides transit agencies with the capability to increase productivity, maximise efficiency and improve the rider experience. The easy-to-deploy, on-demand platform helps transit agencies with real-time route and ride optimisation; which, in the wake of driver shortages and increasing fuel prices, helps transit agencies to better utilise existing resources. This ensures safe, accessible and equitable transportation alternatives to communities that might not otherwise have any means of transportation.

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About the company

Ecolane is the industry-leading provider of intelligent web-based transit scheduling software. Combining a powerful and intuitive demand-response platform, Ecolane software enables transit providers to increase productivity, streamline efficiency and offer outstanding client satisfaction.

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