Live COVID-19 briefing with UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani

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7 May 2020

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7 May 2020

Our first live COVID-19 briefing, Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General at UITP, delivered the latest information on a number of pressing areas for public transport and mobility professionals, from ridership impact to the increase in air quality in some of the world’s most polluted cities.


  • Impact on ridership and revenue during and after COVID-19
  • How does public transport get back to ‘normal’ after COVID-19?
  • A greener world as a welcome byproduct of COVID-19
  • We also looked at the indirect effect that the virus has had on climate change and air quality, and whether any progress made can be maintained once social distancing measures around the world are eased.

In each of the above cases, Mohamed will be providing best practice tips and advice for operators and authorities, as well as citing some of the best global examples of handling operations during the pandemic.


Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP

Mohamed Mezghani has been Secretary General of UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, for two years, beginning in January 2018. He was appointed by the Policy Board in October 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. With decades of experience in public transport and urban mobility related fields, Mezghani worked at UITP as the Deputy Secretary General since 2014, and previously as the Knowledge Director and head of department.

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