A New Fare Payments Reality: Ticketless, Cashless and ‘as a service’

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29 April 2020

Supported by:

29 April 2020

Masabi Webinar

About this webinar

The fare payments industry is being dramatically affected by COVID-19. Although we don’t know how quickly things will return to ‘normal’, what we can already see is people will be using, and demanding, safe ways to pay – meaning they do not need to handle cash or tickets. This webinar explored the potential impact on fare payment teams as well as the two hottest topics taking place in the public transport ticketing industry which both share a common naming convention, ‘as-a-service’. They discussed why these trends are happening as well as dive into both Fare Payments-as-a-Service and Mobility-as-a-Service. They also looked at the best approach for deploying these services, be it layering on or integrating, and hear from industry leaders about what they are doing in these areas.

Key learning points

  • Fare Payments during and post COVID-19 and the cashless options available
  • An introduction to ‘as-a service’ and why this trend is taking place
  • Fare Payments as a Service
    • What is Fare Payments-as-a-Service and why are authorities and operators moving to this model for systems delivery
    • Cashless and digital ticketing options – should you integrate or layer-on to existing systems?
    • How Masabi and its partners take advantage of Fare Payments-as-a-Service
  • Mobility as a Service
    • Does the term Mobility as a Service still make sense in the way it has been deployed across the world?
    • The RTD in Denver case study

Keynote speakers


TonyaTonya Anderson, Senior Product Manager – Electronic Fare Collections, The RTD

Tonya Anderson joined the Regional Transportation District in 2013 as its Product Manager of Electronic Fare Operations. Tonya is accomplished in the electronic fare collection industry and brings to RTD a wealth of experience and knowledge in key electronic fare collection technology. She has held project management, program management and communications officer positions with the United States Air Force, for which she played a leading role in maintaining and operating mission-critical command and control systems. Tonya holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Colorado-Boulder, as well as a certificate of completion in Product Management from General Assembly. In Tonya’s current role at RTD, she leads a cross-functional team from every department to maintain and operate two electronic fare collection systems: a card-based, contactless smart card system and a mobile ticketing system. Under her direction, RTD this year became the first transit agency in the world to offer real-time trip planning and ticket purchasing for the agency’s buses and trains within the Uber ride-hailing app, through a strategic partnership with mobile ticketing company Masabi.

Josh NicklinJosh Nicklin, Head of Global Sales, Masabi

Josh Nicklin, Masabi’s Head of Business Development for EMEA has led some of the foremost mobile ticketing deployments worldwide. His background is in mobile, working in the industry for more than a decade with Trinity Mirror PLC, AKQA and Netplay TV PLC. Prior to Masabi, Josh founded Touch Mobile as part of a management buyout of a gaming service from within Netplay TV, subsequently successfully selling this company and then went on to form another organisation within the mobile marketing space. In his previous role as Head of Marketing at Masabi he managed the customer collaboration around promotional activity that lead the successful first deployment of mobile ticketing in the US, bringing Justride to Boston’s Commuter Rail network. Since then as Head of Global Business Development he has gone on to lead deployments worldwide.


Ben WhitakerBen Whitaker, Head of Innovation and Co-founder, Masabi

A Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s product evangelist, focussing primarily on business development at the company. He is a familiar face on both the mobile and train industry circuits, regularly invited to interviews and speaking slots at major industry events worldwide.

A classic visionary, Ben helped define the UK rail mobile ticketing standard and move the weight of industry opinion behind it. He is also a security expert with a strong engineering background, designing Masabi’s award-winning encryptMe product. Prior to founding Masabi, Ben worked at IBM, Xerox and Raytheon (Encrypted Radar Systems). Ben has an MEng degree in Engineering and Management (MET) from Cambridge University.


Brian GebhardtBrian Gebhardt, Industry Solutions Manager, AFC, Trapeze  Group

Brian has over 15 years of transit experience specializing in the fare payment space. He has worked with numerous agencies on the planning, implementation, and operations aspects of large-scale fare systems. As the Industry Solutions Manager for Automated Fare Collection at Trapeze, Brian utilizes his expertise of the market to create a strategic vision and develop mobility tools that meet the needs for the customers and riding public of today and tomorrow.

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