How location intelligence is shaping the future of mobility

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27 June 2019

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27 June 2019


Increasing urbanisation and a shift from car ownership to greater use of shared transportation services will fundamentally change how we move about our cities. This presents an opportunity for new mobility businesses to deliver more personalised, on-demand services as they put consumers at the heart of their organisations.

New mobility providers are targeting global coverage, yet many are still on the journey toward profitability. Technology for efficient fleet management and trip planning can support the growth of these organisations by helping them reduce costs and improve operational efficiency in the near-term.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Leen Balcaen, Nick Kelter and Thiago Goncalves, from HERE Technologies, discuss:

  • How location intelligence can help improve the business operations of mobility providers
  • How mobility organisations can provide an experience for users that’s both frictionless and enjoyable
  • How mobility providers can gain the capabilities needed to develop a sustainable competitive advantage


  • Improving business operations with location intelligence
  • Providing a frictionless user experience
  • Crucial capabilities for a sustainable competitive advantage

In this webinar, speakers presented on the current business and operational challenges being faced by mobility organisations, the key business drivers, and HERE Technologies’ approach to overcoming those challenges. They discussed how the recently launched Auto Mobility Operations solution specifically addresses the near-term operational efficiency improvements needed by companies offering new mobility services, such as car-sharing, ride-hailing and ride-sharing services.


Leen Balcaen, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, EMEAR – HERE Technologies

Leen Balcaen is leading the EMEAR Industry Solutions team at HERE Technologies, providing indepth insights and expertise on how location and location-based services play a key role across industries and sectors like Smart Cities, Transport and Logistics, Retail, Insurance, Media and more.

Prior to starting her current role, Leen led the HERE Cities, Public Sector and Infrastructure team at the company. In this role she defined the strategy and vision for HERE Cities which she is now executing in her current role.

Nick Kelter, Director Product Management, HERE Location Suite – HERE Technologies

Nick Kelter is the director of product management for HERE Location Suite. Nick is accountable for managing the business providing the full set of location services to plan, track, route, assist and analyse the movement of vehicles and people. Nick’s team focuses on Fleet Management Solutions across all industries, processing customer needs, conceptual product and service portfolio development, pricing, processes, business operations, prototyping, and sales support. Prior to joining HERE in 2007, Nick held a number of senior positions at General Motors Europe, T-Mobile and in the consulting industry.

Thiago Goncalves, New Mobility Marketing Manager – HERE Technologies

Thiago Goncalves leads the New Mobility segment in the Product Marketing organisation and is responsible to build dedicated solutions that address market challenges. He presents an extensive experience in the automotive industry at Nissan and General Motors holding different positions in Product Marketing, Product Planning and Market Research. Additionally, he was responsible for Strategic Marketing Management at 3M in the Mobility and Safety Transportation department.

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