Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) – creating smarter, more liveable cities

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20 March 2019

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20 March 2019


Transportation is undergoing a major change in how people move through our cities. Cities around the world are trying to find ways how to increase their citizens’ mobility and help them move around. Improving urban mobility is playing an essential role in every day quality of life and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is central to achieving this.

Together with cities, it is important for transportation organisations and companies to prepare for a MaaS future.

During this webinar, we discussed the stages of a MaaS journey and what cities are currently doing. We also looked at an EU market perspective in terms of how MaaS can help cities tackle their mobility challenges and how moovel is helping partners implement MaaS.


  • What are the steps for achieving MaaS? – Moving from ownership to usership
  • How important is collaboration between different parties working on MaaS?
  • Case studies of cities where MaaS has been implemented


Thomas Friderich, Head of Business Development, moovel group (becomes REACH NOW) – a subsidiary of Daimler AG

Thomas is responsible for expanding the book and pay capabilities for various modes of transport in the moovel mobility app. Having worked on shaping future traffic and mobility systems as a product, key account and marketing manager for over 15 years, Tom has a lot of experience in multimodal traffic and software systems. His focus areas are transport modelling, business development and strategic analysis.

Matthew Clark, New Mobility Specialist, Steer 

Matthew’s work focuses on analysis of the market for new and enhanced transport services both in the UK and worldwide with a particular focus on shared transport and New Mobility. He works for both the public sector and private sector building an evidence base to maximise the positive impacts of new transport technologies in our cities and towns and how services can be integrated. Based in London, Matthew works on a range of projects planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects involving car clubs, bike sharing, on-demand taxis, on-demand minibuses and autonomous vehicles in the UK, US and Latin America.

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