New ways to improve transport services using mobile and the IoT

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15 November 2018

Supported by:

15 November 2018


In this webinar NXP Semiconductors presented various contactless and cloud solutions that can help you get the most out of your transit system by leveraging mobile and the IoT. We explored new ways to improve operations, manage users and credentials, or add trip-related services to your scheme.

NXP discussed how by making use of digital IoT platforms you can seamlessly connect your transit network to other ecosystems which can lead to additional revenue streams, while delivering better customer experiences for travellers. We gained an insight into NXP’s MIFARE 2GO service enablement platform for mobiles & wearables and other solutions, that can help you to create tailor-made offerings that can make Mobility as a Service a reality.


Christian Lackner, Business Segment Director for Smart Cities, NXP Semiconductors

Christian, Business Segment Director for Smart Cities at NXP, is responsible for managing the well-known MIFARE brand, which is used in over 750 cities and known for secure transaction solutions.

André Perchthaler, Digital Solutions Manager, NXP Semiconductors

André has held multiple positions in the software industry so far. Since 2015 he is NXP’s expert for developing digital solutions, working closely with global stakeholders in order to create Smart City concepts.


Alexander Dimitrov, Segment Marketing Manager Smart Cities, NXP Semiconductors

Alexander, Segment Manager for Smart Cities, is deeply involved in creating solutions for cities to become greener and smarter places to live, while facilitating efficient and safe mobility by promoting cross industry interactions.

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