Intelligent Transport: What is the future of mobility?

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28 September 2018

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28 September 2018


Due to advances in technology, the transport sector is going through a major change – from smart ticketing, payments and information, to new multimodal mobility initiatives and autonomous vehicles, it really is an exciting time to be in the transport sector. But what is the actual future of transport? A panel of thought-leading experts from Transport Focus, International Transport Forum and Multi Modal Transport Solutions, discuss this and much more in the Intelligent Transport Conference webinar.


brian-masson-150pxBrian Masson, Director, Multi Modal Transport Solutions Ltd

Brian is a Transport Consultant and Business Improvement Specialist at Multi Modal Transport Solutions Ltd. He has gained considerable experience working over 44 years in the transport sector. Brian has project managed many multi modal transport initiatives and assisted in the design and testing of ITS products and services working closely with Users, Operators and Authorities throughout the world.

Dr Tom Voege, Policy Analyst, International Transport Forum

At the ITF, Tom Voege is coordinating work on intelligent transport systems (ITS), including vehicle automation, shared mobility concepts, and big data in transport. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Springer Lecture Notes in Mobility and a Member of the TRB Committees on Intelligent Transport Systems and on Vehicle Highway Automation.

Caroline Cerfontaine, Senior Manager,Combined Mobility Commission, UITP

Caroline joined UITP in 2006 and manages different UITP working bodies (Transport & Urban Life Commission, Combined Mobility Platform). The Combined Mobility Platform looks at how to develop synergies between public transport and car-charing, cycling, taxis etc and the Transport & Urban Life Commission aims at raising the profile of public transport policy towards other urban policies, mainly urban planning.

Ian Wright, Head of Insight, Transport Focus

As an insight specialist Ian has spent his career dissecting customer experience across many sectors, be that transport, retail, financial services, energy, FMCG. This has been whilst working for client companies, research agencies, consultancies and his own company.

3 responses to “Intelligent Transport: What is the future of mobility?”

  1. Paul Shindman says:

    Will the issue of autonomous public transit be discussed?

  2. Ashley Graizevsky says:

    Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for getting in contact. The webinar will cover many topics related to the future of mobility. One confirmed area is technology and the impact that it has/will have on the industry. I cannot be explicit about exact examples to be discussed, however I would assume that autonomous vehicles/autonomous public transport will be touched upon at some point. Should you wish to put a specific question about autonomous public transport to our speakers, it will be answered either in the live webinar recording or separately afterwards.

    I hope the above has helped.

    Best regards,

  3. Laura Sylvester says:

    Hi everyone. I am pleased to let you know that the recording of this webinar is now available to watch on demand. Should you have any feedback please let us know below in the comments.

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