One card many features – A look into how Monorail integrated fares with CES 2017 registration badges

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21 June 2017

Supported by:

21 June 2017


We live in a dynamic world that is increasingly driven by technological innovation. Within urban populations, there has increase in the demand to use new technologies, especially if they result in making life more enjoyable, more interactive and simpler.

Today, transport agencies can use secure contactless technology to deliver seamless inter-operability within a wide variety of third-party applications, thereby increasing ridership, enhance passenger experiences and build lasting relationships within the community – all whilst moving closer to the ideology of smart urban environments.

Throughout this webinar provided insight into how Monorail tickets were integrated into CES 2017 event tickets, using NXP’s highly secure MIFARE DESFire EV2 contactless IC.  Discussion included technological possibilities and how easy it is to integrate additional services into existing contactless solutions. Attendees of this webinar will, therefore, learn how one single card can be used for multiple services and why all parties therefore profit from a multi-application solution.

CES_Monorail_mobile-app NXP webinar

Attendees learnt:

  • How secure contactless technology can connect people to an exceptionally broad range of programs and services that provide a convenient, easy starting point for an entire universe of daily activities. The smartphone, therefore, becomes almost a personal kiosk for secure payments, storing funds and connecting to an individual’s preferred payment scheme to enable cashless, on-the-go transactions. What’s more, the addition of secure, interactive, over-the-air services let people customise content and use personal preferences to design their own mobility experiences.
  • MIFARE DESFire EV2 – NXP’s latest smart medium solution provides a secure and flexible way to connect an unprecedented range of activities on a single credential. This means there’s no need to keep track of multiple cards, tickets or keys, etc., since a single card or device can be used for e.g.: transport; accessing a hotel room; as a museum ticket; as sport event ticket; or to attend a concert.


Alexander Dimitrov NXP webinar speakerAlexander Dimitrov, Segment Marketing Manager Smart Cities, NXP Semiconductors

Alexander is located in Graz, Austria, at the NXP Competence Centre for Secure Identification Solutions and is focusing on driving NXP’s engagement to build smart cities based on NXP’s solutions in the area of security and connectivity within the MIFARE product portfolio. Hence Alexander is deeply involved in activities that promote solutions for cities to become greener and smarter places to live, facilitating efficient and safe mobility by enabling cross industry collaboration.

Christoph Zwahlen, Global Marketing Manager Access Management, NXP Semiconductors

Christoph Zwahlen NXP webinar speakerChristoph has a deep knowledge of contactless smart card technology and its various application fields – he supports customers in the creation of secure and innovative contactless solutions. Through his global engagement with leading suppliers and end customers, Christoph has advanced insights in the key requirements and hurdles associated with the usage of contactless technology. As contactless solutions are moving into a multi-application environment, Christoph is driving this in the area of event access, by adding services like micro-payment and loyalty schemes to access systems, ensuring beneficial and convenient solutions for all stakeholders.

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