How to design a perfect intermodal travel experience

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12 April 2017

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12 April 2017


Today, more and more onus is on governments to provide seamless inter-modal travel for their citizens. With increased transport options comes greater need for instant data exchange between transportation authorities providing the would be passenger with the right information at the right place in the right time. This webinar discusses the key challenges in providing a seamless intermodal travel scenario and provide answers how to address these challenges.

Some of the topics discussed in this webinar are:

  • How to improve multimodal travel with technology – what is there, what is missing
  • How to design the best door to door information platform which would provide a traveller with personalized and real – time data
  • Smart Ticketing
  • Last mile problem
  • What travelers expect from inter-modal terminals and stops – PTL model – place – time – language


Petr Otoupal simpleway webinarPetr Otoupal, CEO, Simpleway

Petr has a technical university education and extensive experience in the IT and passenger transportation business.  He also has extensive experience from various sectors, including programming and business. For the past 10 years Petr has taken a keen interest in improving passenger experience through the use of technology.

20 responses to “How to design a perfect intermodal travel experience”

  1. Conrad Richardson says:

    Look forward to taking part.

  2. Look forward to the webinar. Interesting and pressing theme

  3. Metro de Santiago want to participe to the webinar.

    Thank you

  4. Gopal Dalmia says:

    The need to address various Inter-modal Interchange issues is welcome. I hope we discuss the ideal parameters for planning the infrastructure from the passenger perspective.

    • Hi,

      thank you for leaving a comment. Certainly, we will touch upon this topic. However, due to the time constraints, we cannot go into much detail – we are limited to a talk about how to help passengers with wayfinding and how to publish the right travel related information – what, how, when.

      Looking forward the see you there.


  5. Josep Armengol says:

    How can technology help the intermodal travel???

  6. Intermodal or multimodal travel planning and ticketing is key to improving mobility in a city. How can we expand from the public transport domain to a general mobility as a service. Smart solutions with emphasis on seamless mobility from A to B using any combination of public and private operated shared mobility vehicles is the new black.

  7. Volker Scheeff says:

    Looking forward to watching and listening.

  8. Bertil Hylén, Solna, Sweden says:

    Technology – well OK. But is cooperation between operators and organisations that is the real barrier. Information and Revenue sharing must be managed in a win-win manner.

  9. Snef/Brazil want to participe to the webinar.

    Thank you

  10. John says:

    How long will the webinar last? I want to screen it in the office but need to have an estimation.

    • Craig Waters says:

      The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes. We hope you can join us.


  11. Vasco Matos says:

    Travelling without a smartphone. A barrier?

    • Hi. Travelers without smartphones are not a barrier, they are an opportunity, they are an opportunity to develop programs for all … yes. By means of beacons, SMS codes that are scanned and take them to an experience of “equity”. Only need to have 20 dollar cell phones. Valerio I+D+i.

  12. Hi,

    Problems here when trying to register to attend the webinar with the e-mail adress only (I’m registered on eurotransport since several months). The system answers : “This email address was not found”. But when i register on eurotransport page, no problem… Could you help ?

    Thank you
    Christophe S.

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