The future of fare collection

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1 December 2016

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1 December 2016


Fare collection systems are a hot topic in the transit industry, due to a number of new and exciting technologies emerging and gaining adoption. However, these changes also make it harder to predict the future and get a good grasp on where the industry is heading.

In this webinar our expert panel reviewed the range of ticketing trends taking place and we heard first hand from transport operators tackling these issues head on.

  • Is the Future of Ticketing Account Based?
  • Fare Collection Trends: Issued Ticked Media vs Passenger Owned (BYOT)
  • EMV Contactless vs Mobile Ticketing: Which One is Best?
  • Mobile Ticketing Technologies: Barcode, vs SMS, vs NFC, vs Bluetooth.
  • Mobile First and Mobile Ticketing 2.0
  • Preston Bus Case Study: Speeding up Bus Services by 9 Seconds per Passenger
  • Keolis Case Study: Seamless door-to-door journeys


  • Ben Whitaker, Head of Innovation, Masabi
  • Thomas Calderbank, Preston Bus
  • Brandt Olson, CTO, Keolis

3 responses to “The future of fare collection”

  1. Nik says:

    Looking forward.

  2. Is this webinar available to stream for those who missed it this morning?

    • Jonathan Marriott says:

      Hi Tonya. The webinar is now available to watch on demand – once registered, you’ll instantly be able to watch it.

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