Connected commuter: the next generation of passenger satisfaction

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19 July 2016

Supported by:

19 July 2016

Connected Commuter: The Next Generation of Passenger Satisfaction


Real-time traffic, personalised travel experience, enhanced safety, live traffic projection

This webinar consisted of a conversation with James Mellor, Head of Commercial at Arriva North West / Arriva Buses Wales, and Jessica Sweeney, Senior Director of Market & Product Strategy at LILEE Systems. They discussed the transformation of operations and passenger services through the application of innovative technology for real-time broadband communications. James and Jessica examined how to turn the Passenger Wi-Fi paradigm on its head to address the issues that riders care the most about.

Competition drives innovation to deliver a superior, exceptional passenger experience. This innovation comes in many forms – technology, data sharing, and interoperable collaboration – and ultimately provides a significant competitive advantage to fleet operators, whether they carry employees to work or commuters to the next stop.

In this webinar, LILEE Systems outlined how to rise to the challenges of today’s transportation market – how to convert highly mobile IoT data into actionable insights, improve security and how to launch new revenue-generating passenger services.


James Mellor is Head of Commercial for Arriva’s UK Bus North West England and Wales region and has 15 years experience in the private sector providing bus services within the deregulated bus market.

Jessica Sweeney is Senior Director of Market & Product Strategy at LILEE, with 20 years of international B2B software experience in management, sales and marketing across government and private sector.

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