The power of open data: improving experiences for operators and public transport riders

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19 January 2021

Supported by:

19 January 2021

Creating a more connected, collaborative and open approach to transport data will be essential to supporting the long term recovery of public transport across the globe. However, a barrier often associated with the sharing of any form of data is the concern from the information source as to how data consumers will use this data.

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Zoning in on the United Kingdom, this webinar introduces the Department for Transport’s Bus Open Data Service (BODS), the new UK regulation that requires Bus Operators to provide timetables, real-time vehicle locations, and ticketing/fare information in a central data depository.

BODS is a real-world case study of a transparent approach to sharing transport data in partnership with mobility services and trip planners for the benefit of riders and agencies, and enables developers to use that data to improve passenger information through different tools and applications.

In the session, Moovit highlights how it uses open data from source through to public transport users, and West Yorkshire Combined Authority talks about the benefits their local riders already experience from their approach of embracing open data.

Key learning points

  1. What is the UK Bus Open Data Service (BODS) and how will it help data publishers, data consumers, and operators?
  2. What are the current and emerging needs of riders and how can operators use open data meaningfully to benefit users of public transport?
  3. How can sharing transport data change the rider experience now and in the future?


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    • Lisa Gouveia, Bus Open Data Policy Advisor, UK Department for Transport

    Lisa Gouveia, Bus Open Data Policy Advisor, UK Department for TransportLisa is the Policy Advisor for the Bus Open Data Service. Lisa supported the regulations to pass through Parliament earlier this year and is now working to update the non-statutory implementation guide. Lisa also leads on delivering the communications strategy to promote BODS to data consumers and bus operators alike.


    • Yan Tsui, Project Delivery Lead, Bus Open Data Service, UK Department for Transport

    Yan Tsui, Project Delivery Lead, Bus Open Data Service, UK Department for TransportYan is the Project Delivery Lead for the Bus Open Data Service. Yan works on governance and business change, providing support to operators and agents to publish bus data onto the BODS service in time for the statutory deadline. Previously Yan worked on the Smart Ticketing on National Rail Programme, enabling smart media acceptance across England.


    • Luke Redfern, Partnership Manager, UK, MOOVIT

    Luke Redfern, Partnership Manager, UK, MOOVITHaving joined the company in 2020, Luke is responsible for the growth and development of Moovit in the UK and Ireland working with Operators, Governments and Agencies to help bring mobility as a service solutions to the region through the extensive Moovit collaborative partnership offer. Luke previously led the Department for Transport funded Local Government Support Programme (delivered by the Energy Saving Trust), and supported UK Cities to develop, deliver and analyse low emission vehicle and air quality strategies to improve air quality, and reduce private car use, in some of the UK’s largest cities and regions. This experience gives Luke a great understanding of how best to achieve a successful MaaS platform from the perspective of all stakeholders.

    • Mike Nolan, Service Development Manager, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

    Mike Nolan, Service Development Manager, West Yorkshire Combined AuthorityMike has 18 years’ experience working in the public transport industry in a variety of roles at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and its predecessor the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. In his current role, Mike is responsible for delivering the Combined Authority’s Bus Information Strategy including the development of passenger information output and multi-modal/multi-operator ticketing and retail. Most recently Mike oversaw the introduction of Moovit as the Combined Authority’s customer facing and contact centre journey planner, delivering significant savings and improving output with the effective use of open data.


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