Osborne Clarke Video Miniseries: The legal challenges of delivering e-mobility

Intelligent Transport’s Leah Hockley is joined by Osborne Clarke’s Dr Karla Klasen and Dr Alexander Dlouhy to discuss the legal challenges of delivering e-mobility in the first of a three-episode video miniseries in partnership with the international law firm.

In the first of a three-episode video miniseries, Intelligent Transport‘s Leah Hockley is joined by Dr Karla Klasen, Associate at Osborne Clarke, and Dr Alexander Dlouhy, Partner at Osborne Clarke, to discuss the legal challenges that are being faced by the public industry in relation to the wider delivery of e-mobility, as well as the legislation and legal framework surrounding electric vehicle (EV) adoption and charging frameworks.

Key discussion points raised during the conversation include:

  • What are the legal challenges of delivering e-mobility? 
  • Is current legislation conducive to EV adoption? 
  • Should public transport operators be encouraged to adopt e-mobility through coercion or reward? 
  • Who should be responsible for deploying, owning and managing EV charging networks/stations? 
  • How can the energy and transport sectors work in collaboration in order to navigate the legal issues of e-mobility and define the solutions?

Karla Klasen Osborne ClarkeDr Karla Klasen is an energy lawyer with a focus on renewable energy projects, e-mobility and legal issues relating to the digitalisation of the energy industry. She advises investors, financiers, asset managers, service providers and energy utilities on regulatory and commercial issues in the field of renewable energies. She specialises in advising e-mobility clients on the regulatory and commercial aspects of charging infrastructure.

Alexander Dlouhy Osborne ClarkeDr Alexander Dlouhy is an energy lawyer with a focus on transactions, contract drafting and the regulatory framework of energy projects and business models, as well as issues related to climate change mitigation and climate change. He advises companies and investors on energy and infrastructure projects, such as energy storage and infrastructure for mobility (e.g. e-mobility, LNG, hydrogen). Alexander heads the Decarbonisation practice at Osborne Clarke in Germany.

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