Hyundai Motor to establish Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center

Posted: 1 April 2020 |

As an open innovation lab, the centre aims to ensure the company’s transformation into a smart mobility solution provider, secure its sustainable growth and research the future of mobility services.

Hyundai Motor to establish Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center

Singapore’s Jurong Innovation District - the location of the centre.

Hyundai Motor Company has announced that it will establish a Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICs) to accelerate its innovation efforts, with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board.

The lab, through open innovation on multiple fronts, will explore and prove new future mobility business concepts for eventual expansion into global markets. 

The company plans to collaborate with competitive local partners to test and validate innovative solutions for advanced mobility services.

“HMGICs will be a testbed to explore and validate the future Hyundai is envisioning. Combining Hyundai’s innovative spirit and Singapore’s fertile atmosphere, we will develop ground-breaking businesses and future technologies,” said Bo Shin Seo, President at Hyundai Motor Company.  

Hyundai will also reportedly pursue open innovation with world-class educational institutions such as the Nanyang Technological University by conducting joint projects as well as co-founding separate research centres.

The lab also will test a service using multiple modes of transport, as well as on-demand shuttle and last-mile mobility via e-scooter. In addition, Hyundai will review a potential collaboration on a pilot study for Singapore’s Smart City project.

The company plans to leverage its customer base to provide vehicle services such as maintenance, repair, financing, insurance and charging. To do this, Hyundai will build a smart mobility platform that analyses customer data based on vehicle utilisation, leveraging increased connectivity. By gaining a better understanding of customers’ needs, the company aims to be able to offer services tailored to every aspect of customers’ lives, including shopping, delivery, streaming and mobility services.