5G augmented reality bus tour trialled in Barcelona

Posted: 30 March 2020 |

The tour displays real-time visual content on the front window of the bus, creating what is said to be a unique tour experience for the passengers.

5G augmented reality bus tour trialled in Barcelona

Mediapro Group, Telefónica and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) have developed a draft 5G augmented reality bus tour that allows passengers to view immersive content on the front window of the vehicle as they move around the city. 

The project, 5G Augmented Tourism, part of the 5GBarcelona initiative, was presented during a tour of Montjuïc (Barcelona) where users of a Barcelona Tourist Bus (BBT) TMB were able to experience an enhanced tour using the technology.

The new 5G mobile networks allowed real-time downloading of geolocated content which was then displayed on a transparent and interactive screen located on the front window of the vehicle.

For example, the tour included a display of the inactive Montjuic fountains, and although they’re not currently functioning, the screen displayed them as if they were. It also displayed historical information on buildings and monuments as the bus moved through the city.

Mediapro Group designed the experience, selected and generated the tourist information, and developed the software and augmented reality content. It was also responsible for the installation of the transparent screens.

Telefónica arranged the high-speed network that provides 5G large bandwidth downstream and upstream, allowing optimised quality of content and real-time broadcasting.