Dubai’s RTA begins self-driving vehicle trials at Expo 2020 Dubai site

Posted: 19 March 2020 |

Dubai aims to convert 25 per cent of all mobility trips into self-driving trips across various modes of transportation by 2030.

Dubai's RTA begins self-driving vehicle trials at Expo 2020 Dubai site

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started the trial operation of a self-driving, fully-electric vehicle at the Expo 2020 Dubai site, during which people are transported on a specific path from the main entrance to the site to the temporary offices of employees.

The move is part of the authority’s endeavours to enhance Dubai’s strategy for smart, self-driving mobility, which is said to contribute to achieving integration between mass transportation, providing sustainable and secure transportation solutions.

Dubai self drivingAhmed Bahrouzian, Executive Director of the Public Transport Agency at the RRTA, said: “The three-month trial operation phase includes tests for technologies for self-driving transportation, and ensuring that the highest levels of public safety for individuals and the protection of surrounding properties are followed, so that the authority can demonstrate its endeavours to adopt the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and safety.”

Mohammed Issa Al Ansari, Vice President of Communication at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “We are proud to have Expo 2020 Dubai a place to implement the Dubai strategy for smart self-driving through the pilot operation of a self-driving vehicle within the site. This strategy is consistent with our vision of the concept of sustainability through reducing dependence on polluting transportation and making the shift to more environmentally friendly vehicles low in carbon emissions.” 

The vehicle is designed to move in public and indoor closed streets such as residential complexes and places of entertainment, and is said to be characterised by high standards of safety and security as it monitors the path in which it is moving using advanced sensors and high-precision systems to determine location.