Bird to offset energy consumption in Paris through green partnership

Posted: 2 March 2020 |

For each kWh consumed, Bird will finance select green energy producers in France through its Guarantees of Origin mechanism.

Bird to offset energy consumption in Paris with partnership

Scooters have been a contentious issue in Paris over the past few years

To go further in its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Bird, the micromobility provider, has partnered with ekWateur, the independent green energy supplier in France, to provide energy to its service centres in Marseille and Lyon and to offset its consumption in Paris. The company has also made a commitment to source electricity only from small French green energy producers.

Bird aims to offer an environmentally friendly means of transportation with the main objective of combating climate change and making cities more livable. The company recently joined forces with Carbone 4 to define an action plan to promote carbon neutrality in Paris.

Bird’s partnership with ekWateur means that the company’s large service centre in Gennevilliers, near Paris, will work to offset all of the electricity it consumes by purchasing Guarantees of Origin from small independent French energy producers. In this way, ekWateur aims to contribute by remunerating small French companies producing electricity from “small hydraulic” power plants whose power is less than 10MW.

“We’re excited to partner with ekWateur,” said Driss Ibenmansour, General Manager of Bird France. “This initiative comes on the heels of our partnership with Carbone 4 and is the next step in our global push towards carbon neutrality. Taking concrete action to protect the planet and reduce pollution are at the heart of Bird’s mission. It’s essential that our operations are in line with these objectives.” 

Bird is also offering a preferential ekWateur deal to its partners so that they can take action to protect the environment by choosing green energy.

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