TIER Mobility acquires fleet of 5,000 e-mopeds

Posted: 27 February 2020 |

TIER Mobility has acquired the fleet with the aim to expand its multimodal offerings in the TIER app.

TIER acquires fleet of 5,000 e-mopeds

TIER Mobility, the European provider of micromobility solutions, has expanded its multimodal offering by entering the market for e-moped sharing.

The company has acquired 5,000 vehicles, as well as the charging infrastructure from Coup Mobility – a company which had operated a fleet of e-mopeds in Berlin, Paris and Madrid. At the end of November 2019, Coup announced that the service would no longer be operational, and TIER now aims to create the technical conditions to enable the rental of e-mopeds in addition to the existing e-scooters in the TIER app.

The rationale behind the step is said to be the opportunity to offer cities comprehensive mobility solutions, which will help bring a transition in urban traffic.

The service is scheduled to start in Berlin in May 2020. Having experience in the e-scooter sector, particularly in charging logistics, TIER has stated that it sees tremendous economic potential for the operation of the new e-moped fleet.

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and Co-founder of TIER Mobility, said: “This is a great story for TIER and a very important step in building a multimodal platform. We have gained valuable experience with e-scooters and can now use this effectively in the field of e-mopeds. Many customers want a slightly faster vehicle for medium distances of four to 10 kilometres. Now we can now offer these people a very good deal with high-quality vehicles.”