UK open bus data service to be launched in 2020

Posted: 3 January 2020 |

The Bus Open Data Service will be structured by new regulations which will mean bus operators are legally required to provide route and timetable data by the end of 2020 and fare, ticket and location data by 2021.

UK open bus data service to be launched in 2020

UK Buses Minister Baroness Charlotte Vere has announced a project which aims to standardise and publish information from bus operators, enabling bus users to better plan routes, estimate journey times more precisely and understand costs in advance.

The project will provide real-time bus location data so that passengers can travel with more confidence. Information on routes and timetables will reportedly be available from early 2020, followed by location and fares data by 2021, designed to encourage more people to choose buses as a preferred mode of transport.

Baroness Vere said: “Buses are the most frequently used form of public transport – to get to work, to the library, to the doctors or to see family and friends. By harnessing the transforming power of data and technology we could be on the threshold of a golden age for buses. Sharing data on routes, bus locations and fares will give passengers even more confidence to ride.

David Sidebottom, Director of Transport Focus, the transport watchdog, said: “Making it easier for passengers to find bus times and fares is good news. Ensuring that information is accurate and timely will be crucial to the success of the open data service.”

The government will allegedly work with technology companies, app developers and information providers to ensure a range of innovative products are designed to make the most of the data and help all bus users make informed choices.