Holo to operate first autonomous vehicles in Denmark

Posted: 6 December 2019 |

Holo is allegedly the first company to obtain permission to operate autonomous vehicles in Denmark, and across sites, the company has autonomously transported over 40,000 passengers over 25,000km.

Holo to operate first autonomous vehicles in Denmark

Holo, the mobility service provider, has been authorised to operate autonomous vehicles in five countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. The first autonomous pilot project on Danish roads has been granted permission by the Danish Road Directorate.

The Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, has signed the permission that allows for the first autonomous pilot project in mixed traffic in Denmark. Aalborg Municipality is the project lead for the pilot where two buses will connect the neighbourhood Aalborg Øst, and aims to increase the mobility of citizens in the area. The 2.1km route has 10 stops and each vehicle can carry 11 passengers.

CEO Peter Sorgenfrei, said: “It is a giant milestone we’ve reached today. It’s not the first time we implement autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic. But it’s the first time we are doing it in Denmark. As a Danish company, it is quite special to get an opportunity to show the benefits of autonomous solutions – in our home market.”

The next step for the Aalborg Municipality, Holo and bus manufacturer Navya is said to be the finalisation of the map routes as well as conducting on-site tests. Speed, priority zones, bus stops and other regulations will be incorporated into the bus’ virtual map and tested before launching operations with passengers.