Safety-oriented seated e-scooters launch in Atlanta

Posted: 24 October 2019 |

U.S. start up Boaz Bike has launched 100 seated e-scooters in Atlanta, Georgia, with plans to further expand in 2020.

Seated e-scooters launched in Atlanta

Boaz Bike, the crowd-funded Texas-based scooter start up, has launched a fleet of 100 seated e-scooters in Atlanta, Georgia, with plans to deploy a further 100 in November 2019.

Boaz has said that the seated e-scooter model is designed to allow users to seamlessly and comfortably travel between destinations, taking advantage of larger tyres for safety, basket storage for convenience and turning signals and side mirrors for an improved road presence.

The scooters are equipped with swappable batteries which are said to eliminate the need for contractors to pick up and charge scooters at remote locations.

The start-up plans to move into two more cities by the end of 2019 and by 2020, it plans to expand into a further 50 cities and roll out helmets attached to the e-scooters.

Founder of Boaz Bike, Emil Nnani, said that the company has raised $350,000 in crowdfunding to date, and is raising a further $1 million in a new campaign that focuses on decreasing rates of hospitalisations related to scooter incidents by prioritising vehicle comfort and safety in the new model.

“We are owned by the people, promoted by the people and ran by the people,” Nnani said.