Cityscoot e-mopeds to become available in the Uber app in Paris

Posted: 16 October 2019 |

This is the first time Uber has offered in-app e-mopeds anywhere in the world, and is considered another step towards its goal to become a one-stop mobility shop.

Uber to integrate Cityscoot e-mopeds in the Uber app in Paris

Cityscoot e-mopeds will be available to book and pay for directly in the Uber app in Paris from November 2019.

Alongside cars, bikes, scooters and transit, the addition of e-mopeds means residents and visitors of Paris will have access to more shared mobility options than any other city in the world, according to Uber.

According to a statement, Uber’s partnership with the French start-up has been developed from the mutual belief that mobility should be shared to relieve congestion in city centres and reduce the impact of transport on climate change.

With the Cityscoot option in the Uber app, as well as the Cityscoot app, users will be able to locate and book one of the 4,000 available e-mopeds, and they will continue to be offered at the same pricing of 29 cts/minute, with payment being automatically managed on the Uber app.

“We are delighted to find new ways for people to move around without the need to own a car,” said Billy Guernier, Uber’s Head of New Mobility Platform. 

“Our partnership with Uber complements their offer and allows us to get further visibility among their wide rider-base. With the convenience and ease of use of our e-mopeds, I trust this will result in additional trips,” added Cityscoot CEO, Bertrand Fleurose.

Uber and Cityscoot are offering tutoring sessions for beginners and have provided safety information about riding mopeds by phone or through the app.

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