New on-demand mobility service trialled in Stockholm

Posted: 2 October 2019 |

The service will be in effect for three months and will allow assessment to be made of the benefits in the area.

New on-demand mobility service trialled in Stockholm

Shotl, the on-demand shuttle company that matches passenger destinations, alongside Nobina Technology, is providing a new mobility service in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

This service uses the Shotl passenger app, which sources requests from passengers in real-time, as well as the driver app which provides information for the driver to navigate through the pick-up and drop-off locations in accordance with daily demand.

The deployment in Stockholm began in September 2019 and will initially be trialled as a proof of concept (POC). The POC phase will use two vehicles to provide services across an area of 4.31km2 (population 3,000).

The, POC will allow both companies to collect relevant data, including origin/destination matrices, walking distances from bus stops, kilometres travelled by both vehicles, occupancy levels, vehicle waiting times and trip durations.

Shotl and Nobina will then evaluate the concept in relation to both statistics and key performance indicators. This will enable them to decide whether to implement the service over the long-term.

Nobina is considered to be the largest transport service provider in the Nordic region, with its mobility arm, Nobina Technology, acting as a laboratory for the development of shared mobility solutions.