Lyft’s new multimodal app update provides new mobility options

Posted: 26 September 2019 |

In cities where they are available, the Lyft app will display options for car sharing, bike sharing, scooter sharing, car rental and public transit services.

Lyft updates app to become multimodal

Ridesharing company Lyft has updated its app to present users with multimodal travel options, incorporating information about mobility services and public transit.

The update is part of Lyft’s efforts to transition into a multimodal urban transportation company. Lyft Co-Founder and President, John Zimmer, said: “At Lyft, we are working toward a future where cities are centred around people, not cars. The changes we are making today will unlock better transportation solutions for people in cities and around the country.”

Across the U.S., Lyft currently offers bike sharing services in eight cities, and scooter services in 20 cities. It has also started testing car rental services in California where Lyft rides to the car rental depot are free. In summer 2019, one in eight Lyft rides was a bike or scooter ride, in the cities where the services are available.

In the iOS version of the update, users will see bike lanes marked in green so they can find the fastest and safest routes for cyclists. The app will also highlight the fastest and most affordable bike, scooter or public transit journey to allow the user to choose their preferred mode.