Blockchain-based e-mobility project in pilot phase

Posted: 1 October 2019 |

Blockchains are incorruptible digital ledgers of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

Blockchain-based e-mobility project in pilot phase

Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) have announced the launch of Xride, a first-of-its-kind, blockchain based e-mobility pilot.

In the centralised mobility systems of today, users are required to register new identity and payment credentials with each service subscription. Verification can be considered lengthy and costly, with users required to manage multiple logins for different mobility providers, and providers required to store this sensitive user data, which is not only expensive but can be subject to hacking.

Xride is powered by a T-Labs’ blockchain operating stack, known as ståx. Ståx enables the creation of decentralised and secure Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem infrastructures – or ecostructures – which will be critical for the evolution of machine-to-machine economies. In such ecostructures, producers and consumers connect in a decentralised manner and share trusted data. 

The pilot is trialling the benefits of ståx over a four-week period during September and October at Deutsche Telekom’s headquarters in Bonn. A fleet of scooters will be provided for use to Deutsche Telekom employees. Participants will interact with the Xride mobile app and scooters, swap batteries at extra installed stations, and share insights and feedback with the T-Labs Blockchain Group.

Commenting on the pilot, John Calian, Senior Vice President and Head of T-Labs, said: “In Xride, historically centralised functionalities like identity management, data verification and storage, payments, and charging are fully decentralised. This allows for a less costly, more secure and more efficient vehicle sharing that benefits both providers and the user.”