Milan choose Solaris to supply up to 250 electric buses

Posted: 10 July 2019 | | No comments yet

ATM Milano intends to be operating no diesel buses by 2030 and they have bought 250 electric buses from Solaris, thought to cost in excess of €192 million. The first batch of 40 buses will be delivered in June 2020.

Milan choose Solaris as supplier of up to 250 electric buses

The framework agreement for the supply of up to 250 electric buses in total for ATM Milano is one of the biggest contracts awarded to Solaris so far and the biggest commission for electric buses in Europe. The Milan operator endeavours to phase out diesel buses completely by 2030 and the producer of Urbino electric buses is to play a not insignificant role in this e-mobility revolution. Due to this tender Solaris has solidified its position as one of the top European e-bus producers.

The 12-metre Urbino electric will be equipped with batteries of the Solaris High Energy type with a total capacity of over 240 kWh. The electric power in those batteries will be recharged by means of an inverted pantograph, i.e. a device lowered from the charging pole to the vehicle roof, and a classic plug-in device in the bus depot. The drive unit will consist of an electric axle with two integrated electric engines of 110 kW each.

The benefits of an electric bus, such as the extremely low noise production, reduced vibration and, above all, no local emissions will certainly increase the travel comfort of Milan inhabitants. In addition, the comfortable and spacious interior will be fitted with a series of state-of-the-art solutions, i.e. USB ports enabling the recharging of mobile devices, a passenger information system and a video surveillance system, which will increase both travel comfort and safety. Moreover, the driver will have screens displaying a view of the doors and the pantograph, and a rear-view reversing camera at his or her disposal.

The air-conditioned passenger compartment can fit up to 82 people, of whom 26 are seated. The vehicle will be adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities: a functional bay and 14 seats accessible from the low floor will facilitate the travel.