Trapeze: innovative mobility solutions for urban public transport

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At this year’s UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Trapeze will be showing innovative solutions for vehicle dispatch and driver scheduling as well as driver training, depot, fleet and asset management, operational control systems, vehicle equipment and fare management, together with passenger information and autonomous mobility, at stand A3050 in hall A.

Trapeze: innovative mobility solutions for urban public transport

Companies involved in urban public transport want cutting-edge solutions and products that combine and coordinate existing and future networks, technologies and means of transport. Trapeze is a leading global provider of complete solutions for urban public transport. Its innovation and ingenuity together with its high quality aspirations make the company ideally suited to fulfil the mobility needs of passengers and transport service providers now and also in the future. Whether demand response services, taxis, buses and trams or trains – with more than 50 years of experience in urban public transport, Trapeze covers all requirements for low-cost, rapid and safe public transport.

Trapeze innovations for transport service providers and passengers

Operations control systems for transport service providers of all sizes

The latest generation in the operations control system LIO expands Trapeze’s AVLC product range and now supports companies of all sizes. Besides the proven “LIO-Enterprise”, “LIO-Professional” offers a solution specially tailored to the needs of smaller transport operators. The solution can be installed in next to no time, while also being inexpensive. Trapeze configures the necessary parameters in consultation with the customer, thus minimising the workload involved for the transport service providers who can use the system to its full extent after a brief introduction. A new web application by Trapeze means that vehicles can be equipped with commercially available smartphones or tablets and integrated fully in the LIO control system. The new solution gives smaller transport operators in particular an economically interesting opportunity to integrate their vehicles completely in an operations control system with holistic dispatch.

Highly efficient dispatch and driver training

The NOVUS SchedulePlus software by Trapeze lets urban public transport operators plan optimum routes, thus meeting the requirements of both passengers and transport authorities in the best possible way. The unique algorithms offer maximum efficiency while reducing the workload on dispatchers and warranting a clearly structured representation of all journey times and costs.

The NOVUS Driver Training software helps bus operators to provide their services with the greatest possible safety and efficiency. It reduces the time it takes to train new drivers by supplementing physical driving on the streets with detailed virtual route training. Whenever drivers change to a new route, they can make themselves familiar with the new situation quickly and easily in advance, including the latest changes and all warnings.

Planning and dispatch

Trapeze’s Planning & Operation Management System is an integrated modular solution for the planning, dispatch and scheduling of vehicles and drivers. Efficient optimisation algorithms and modern staff communication applications support stable, efficient operation in transport companies of all kinds and sizes. It is also possible to produce data extracts for statistics, analysis and reports. Integrated, proactive monitoring helps to keep an overview during the frequently hectic everyday work situation.

Solutions for taxi management

Trapeze’s taxi software is an integrated, scalable and completely automated solution for efficient, safe transport of taxi passengers, while minimising congestion, pollution and costs. The booking component lets passengers book their trips at any time and track their taxi; the system also informs them automatically of any updates. Dispatch efficiency is improved by adaptable vehicle and driver management, trip monitoring and secure data storage. Costs are reduced by dispensing with manual dispatch and correcting unwanted driver behaviour. Customers can pay the fare by card or in cash.

Solutions for demand response services

The growing demand for individual mobility makes it increasingly difficult for public transport authorities to fulfil individual transport needs efficiently. Trapeze’s pioneering WE MOBILITY solution gives transport operators one single platform to address different transport needs. It supports several value-adding chains including booking, journey planning, dispatch and operations management together with real-time journey feedback. WE MOBILITY is based on a series of modular, scalable IT elements that can be configured as stand-alone or fully integrated systems.

Efficient depot and fleet management

When it comes to bus and tram services, Trapeze’s new “PitStop” series lets transport service providers monitor the condition of their fleet with efficient control of resources for maintenance. The system offers crucial support in terms of vehicle availability, reliability and safety, thus enhancing transparency, boosting efficiency and saving costs. PitStop currently consists of three solutions that can be used individually or in combination: Trapeze’s Enterprise Asset Management SmartTEAM helps transport service providers to manage the condition of their vehicles. The SmartMonitor is a software for vehicle status monitoring that gives transport service providers a better overview of the technical status of their entire fleet. SmartParking is a parking space and depot management software that provides a comprehensive, detailed overview of the locations of the vehicles within the depots and parking areas.

Similarly, railway companies all over the world put their trust in Trapeze, using the Enterprise Asset Management technology (EAM) to deal successfully with their challenges. The EAM solution by Trapeze facilitates real-time monitoring of the entire infrastructure: rolling stock, installations and entire track sections. The solution makes it possible for railway undertakings to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of infrastructure and rolling stock while prolonging their service life and enhancing their operational safety.

Ticketing: automated trip recording with smartphones

The ComfoAccess® solution by Trapeze makes it more convenient than ever before to use urban public transport: board, ride and pay – contactless and without cash. For some time now, Trapeze has offered a Be-in/Be-out solution for smartcards. This solution has now been upgraded for Check-in/Be-out on smartphones: once they have checked in with the app before starting the journey, passengers can travel without having to take any further action. The system automatically detects the end of the journey and bills it accordingly.

Innovation for the autonomous mobility of tomorrow

AMoTech GmbH puts its focus on autonomous mobility and develops related services and solutions. The company is based in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trapeze Group. AMoTech integrates self-driving vehicles in existing control systems and helps city authorities and transport operators to implement their vision for autonomous mobility. Since March 2018, a self-driving vehicle has been running on public roads in Neuhausen am Rheinfall as “Route 12”, operated by Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen (VBSH). Integration in the Trapeze control system brings major advantages for both passengers and dispatchers by making: passenger information fully available on all available channels, such as stop DPI signs and on smartphones. Furthermore, Schaffhausen, Switzerland will soon be introducing a demand response solution using self-driving vehicles, thus adding a first-mile and last-mile solution that fits in perfectly with the regular services.

During the UITP, Trapeze will be presenting two innovative, future-oriented solutions. At the session on the “Operation of electric bus fleets”, Trapeze will show how efficient pit stop solutions reduce unproductive times for smart mobility. When it comes to “Integrating demand response services in urban transport networks”, Trapeze is involved with automated vehicles. The company will show how first-mile and last-mile solutions can make public transport more attractive as a means of increasing passenger numbers.