Nottingham City Transport employs new Alexa information system

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Nottingham City Transport has a new travel assistant; Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ feature is helping customers with journey planning, bus times and information.

Nottingham City Transport employs new Alexa information system

Working with its long term digital partner, Passenger, NCT has released a new Alexa Skill, which can be enabled and used by anyone with an Amazon Alexa device.

Nottingham City Transport and the Passenger team have a history of working collaboratively, sharing insights and endorsing equality for all when it comes to passenger technology. Alexa Voice Assistant is no exception and an innovative new way to plan bus journeys.

After searching for “Nottingham City Transport” in Alexa Skills and Games, customers simply enable the new skill and can start asking for help with their bus travel, starting their query with “Alexa, ask NCT buses…”

Example queries include:

  • Alexa, ask NCT buses how do I get to Nottingham Station?
  • Alexa, ask NCT buses for bus times from George Street

After searching NCT’s timetable and route information, Alexa will then respond with the best way to travel or times of the next buses.

This is the latest development NCT have made to provide their customers with technology services to assist in making the entire travel experience better and follows successful trials of a ‘Stop the Bus’ facility through the NCTX Buses app, helping disabled customers travel more confidently.

Anthony Carver-Smith, Marketing Manager at Nottingham City Transport, commented: “We love having choices for our customers to engage with as part of their journey experience. Adding Alexa Voice Assistant to the ways customers can access information means we are offering another option for those who find speech and auditory response an easier way to check services and plan their journey.”

Dave Hulbert, Engineering Director of Passenger, said: “We’re always looking for ways to help operators get the most value from the data they are producing. Technology and how we use it is ever-changing and evolving, so a Passenger Alexa skill for travel updates and information was the obvious next addition to the Passenger product suite. We’re pleased to work with operators such as NCT who are always looking for ways to expand services by opening up their network data to their customers in new ways.”

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