New ride-hailing business, focused on safety, launches first phase of service

Posted: 8 November 2018 | | No comments yet

This new on-demand, door-to-door ride-hailing service claims to have reimagined the passenger experience and prioritised safety.


Alto, a new Dallas-based ride-hailing business, has announced its launch of the first phase of service, with its on-demand rides to be managed by Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform.

Bestmile was selected as the back-end platform partner for the introduction of a new kind of ride-hailing experience, providing the service management platform and enabling Alto to enter the market faster and differentiate from larger peer-to-peer service providers.

“Alto is maniacal about the passenger experience. By partnering with Bestmile and adopting its Mobility Services Platform, we’ve been able to achieve our mission to differentiate in a market that has become defined by the need for safety and consistency,” said Will Coleman, CEO of Alto.

Currently, peer-to-peer transportation network companies (TNCs) largely rely on under-optimised fleets, which has resulted in disjointed service, increased traffic congestion and susceptibility to security problems. With the motto of ‘You drive us’, Alto aims to place a high emphasis on the customer experience.

“The ride-hailing industry is booming, and while it is marked with well-recognised brands, it is also ripe for disruption by savvy tech brands that have seen the gap in vehicle efficiency, rider experience and safety, and are filling it with innovative new services,” said Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility at Strategy Analytics. “While the incumbents have captured at most about two per cent of vehicle miles travelled in the U.S., newer services entering the field are poised to capture and capitalise on the customer experience and improved vehicle management, something that riders and cities continue to demand.”

The new service will give customers control of the ride, allowing them to ‘set the vibe’ from the lighting to the music. Alto’s business model revolves around a monthly membership fee giving members significant discounts on each trip.

Fleet optimisation and routing services are managed by Bestmile’s intelligent mobility services technology. Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform enables Alto to deliver a coordinated and intelligent mobility service, providing more control over key performance indicators such as pick-up and wait times, routing efficiency and vehicle utilisation.

“The limitations and downsides of peer-to-peer services for drivers, travellers and cities are exposing opportunities for new kinds of services,” said Raphael Gindrat, CEO of Bestmile. “We’ve partnered with Alto to develop a platform that enables it to monitor and manage service performance and KPIs so that it can deliver a new kind of mobility experience.”

The platform supports both human-driven and autonomous vehicles, meaning Alto is prepared for the evolution of mobility services.