Australia aims for better and faster travel with the automation of mass transit

Posted: 30 October 2018 | | No comments yet

Automation is expected to make Australia’s mass transit systems ‘better, stronger and faster’ as well as more efficient and more reliable than they are today.


The House of Representatives Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Committee has commenced a new inquiry into automated mass transit, focusing on developments in the use of automation and new energy sources for land-based mass transit.

Committee Chair, John Alexander, said: “International experience of automated metro systems shows what they could do to improve connectivity within our rapidly growing cities. Automation and platooning present real opportunities to make bus networks more reliable and responsive, as well as more efficient, creating real competition between different modes of transport.

“In addition, new fuel sources – such as electricity and hydrogen power – have the potential to make mass transit cheaper, reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce our reliance on the importation of fossil fuels.”

The Committee will investigate into and report on developments in the use of automation and new energy sources in land-based mass transit, including rail mass transit, road mass transit, point-to-point transport using automated vehicles and commonwealth roles and responsibilities in the development of these technologies.

Submissions are open until 7 December 2018 and more information on how to make a submission can be found here.