Open ecosystem for MaaS to be created in new partnership

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Transformative technologies and MaaS innovations will continue to develop with the TravelSpirit and MaaS Alliance partnership.


TravelSpirit Foundation and MaaS Alliance have formed a partnership to undertake collaborative work with technologists, operators and innovators to develop an open ecosystem for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

According to the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), TravelSpirit and MaaS Alliance will share knowledge and best practices on enabling the development of open source technologies that will underpin MaaS (including blockchain) and empowering the communities that deliver them.

The two organisations will also collaborate on thought leadership in this field, building upon the industry-leading work of both parties. They are looking to gather a global community of MaaS implementers, which will be unique in its ambition.

“TravelSpirit has stated from the start that the new world of MaaS needs to be open if it is to reach its potential,” Giles Bailey, CEO of TravelSpirit said. “Signing this partnership agreement with the MaaS Alliance is a real boost in facilitating the collaboration needed to make this happen.”

Both associations are already experienced in the concept of MaaS. TravelSpirit Foundation has built a global network of activists, innovators, technologists, policy makers and mobility providers. TravelSpirit has campaigned for an open internet of mobility and advocated transformative technologies such as blockchain on transportation business models and infrastructure.

“The MaaS Alliance will collaborate with TravelSpirit to create a well-functioning basis for the MaaS ecosystem and preconditions for fast and wide roll-out of MaaS. The partnership very much supports the goals of the MaaS Alliance and I anticipate that this collaboration will be widely beneficial for everyone involved,” said Jacob Bangsgaard, President of the MaaS Alliance. 

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