Brazil has appointed a new Minister of Transport

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Maurício Quintella Lessa left the position of Minister of Transport on 30 March 2018, leaving the new minister the task of modernising and developing Brazil’s transportation infrastructure…

Brazil has appointed a new Minister of Transport

Valter Casimiro Silveira has been announced as Brazil’s new Minister of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation.

Previously Director General of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT), Silveira takes the position, following on from Mauricio Quintella Lessa and will be responsible for completing the structural works and modernisation of Brazil’s transportation infrastructure.

President Michel Temer said: “Maurício Quintella was a great director. In his management, the government joined forces with the private initiative to modernise and expand the country’s transportation infrastructure. Valter Casimiro will have a solid base to continue carrying forward this process of modernisation.”

Silveira has been working at the DNIT since 2006, holding roles such as Coordinator of Waterways Works, General Coordinator of Seaports and Director of Waterway Infrastructure.

Secretary Herbert Drummond has also accepted a new position at the Ministry of Transport and assumes the position of Executive Secretary of the portfolio, in substitution of Fernando Fortes. Gilberto Occhi has also been inaugurated as the new Health Minister in place of Ricardo Barros and Nelson Antônio de Souza as the new President of the Caixa Econômica Federal.