Cleveland to Chicago hyperloop route visualised and mapped

Posted: 28 February 2018 | | No comments yet

The visualisation of the hyperloop route illustrates the potential benefits of the new transportation method that would impact surrounding citizens, businesses, the economy and the state as a whole…

Ito World has mapped out the first hyperloop route from Cleveland to Chicago for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT).

The company was chosen as one of HTT’s contributing partners to create a visualisation outlining the benefits of the first interstate hyperloop system.

Johan Herrlin, CEO at Ito World, commented on the collaboration: “We’re at the beginning of a revolution in transportation and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is at the bleeding edge. We’re excited to be counted as one of their contributing partners, helping to explain the social, economic, and environmental benefits of hyperloop.”

The visualisation will help HTT promote hyperloop’s ability to solve congestion and pollution, comparing the journey times of hyperloop against other current transportation methods. 

Craig Taylor, Senior Data Visualisation Design Manager at Ito World, added: “The Ito World Design Lab’s goal was to create something both informative and captivating to tell hyperloop’s story. We synthesised population demographics along with drive time catchments to create state-of-the-art visuals that emphasised the advantages of hyperloop’s vision.”

Between Cleveland and Chicago, hyperloop could transform the travel of 54,720 people a day, reducing travel time from 5.5 hours by car to 28 minutes, connecting citizens to employment, businesses, leisure activities and housing opportunities.

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