Dubai and HERE Technologies to develop data infrastructure for driverless transportation

Posted: 8 February 2018 | | 2 comments

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai and HERE Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a long-term technology collaboration with the aim of mapping the city with high definition technology for the first time.

Dubai and HERE Technologies to develop data infrastructure for driverless transportation

HD maps are a prerequisite to moving Dubai closer to its goal of having 25 per cent of public transport self-driving services by 2030.

Both parties plan to deploy newly available location technologies in the development of a data infrastructure to support safe, sustainable and efficient autonomous transportation. These efforts are in line with Dubai’s Smart City strategy and its self-driving transport roadmap, which ultimately aim to increase the quality of life for people in Dubai.

As part of their planned cooperation, RTA and HERE intend to conduct a number of pilots aimed at enabling HD Live Map, HERE’s map for autonomous cars, for public service vehicles operating in Dubai. HD Live Map is a high definition and self-updating map designed to provide vehicles with accurate information about what is happening on the road.

An additional focal point is on utilising the HERE Open Location Platform (OLP) as a system to intelligently connect vehicles with each other as well as the road infrastructure, such as traffic lights and sensors on roadways and sidewalks. OLP enables multiple automakers and other organisations and sources to transmit live, anonymised sensor data that is then aggregated, enriched with high-precision location data, and transmitted back to cars in the form of near real-time, geo-targeted, contextually-relevant information about changing road conditions.

Following initial planning and proof-of-concept phases, RTA and HERE share the objective to target joint pilots utilising the new technologies as part of preparation to deploy self-driving vehicles at EXPO 2020, which Dubai will be hosting.

“Dubai recognises the importance of new location technologies in making transportation more efficient, safer and sustainable for people,” commented Leon van de Pas, SVP, Internet of Things at HERE Technologies.

2 responses to “Dubai and HERE Technologies to develop data infrastructure for driverless transportation”

  1. Holisol says:

    In terms of technology updgradation, Dubai is leaving no stone unturned to rank higher for adopting new technologies be it drone delivery, self-driving cars or software solution needed to make business processes efficient that is why it is known as the business hub of gulf countries.

  2. jawaria says:

    Exciting collaboration between Dubai and HERE Technologies to develop data infrastructure for driverless transportation! This visionary initiative promises to transform the city’s mobility landscape, paving the way for cutting-edge autonomous systems. Dubai continues to lead in embracing innovation, ensuring a smarter, more efficient future for transportation

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