China hope to have barrier-free public transport by 2020

According to the Ministry of Transport, China is aiming for a transport system free of barriers by 2020…

By 2020 China hope to be barrier-free

China’s Ministry of Transport (MOT), Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the China Disabled Person’s Federation, plus four additional departments, have released guidelines on improving transportation services for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

This guide spurred China to begin a project which will result in an elimination of barriers in their public transportation system.

By 2020, in all newly-built and rebuilt railway stations, services on motorways, airport terminals and other transport services, barrier-free facilities should be established.

The guideline also asks local governments to provide land and funds for the development and construction of barrier-free infrastructure.

Post offices will be made to ensure mail for the elderly and mobility-restricted is delivered straight to their specific addresses, the guideline reads, while new buses implemented in cities with over 5 million residents will be low-floor vehicles.

Guide dogs will be welcome on public transportation and China’s users should begin to see braille signs frequently throughout the services.

This marks the first step towards accessibility for all, demonstrating China’s efforts in becoming less reliant on car-ownership and more encouraging of public transport. This will lead to reduced congestion, less air pollution and healthier lifestyles of the public.