New technology is providing Metrolink riders with more flexibility and convenience

Posted: 5 January 2018 | | No comments yet

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority installs a system which allows Metrolink riders to use a mobile app to transfer to Metro Rail…

New technology is providing Metrolink riders with more flexibility

Installation of new optic readers has enabled transfer from Metrolink to Metro Rail; providing almost 30 per cent of Metrolink riders with more flexibility and convenience. 

Previously, Metrolink riders who transferred to Metro Rail could not use an electronic ticket and had to purchase a TAP-enabled paper ticket to access Metro Rail. This meant riders had to get to the train station in time to wait in line at the ticket vending machine before boarding their train.

Now, the $1.5 million optic readers enable mobile app users to scan their phones at locked Metro Rail gates; a more convenient and easier way to travel.

“Innovation and accessibility are the backbone of our transportation future,” said Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti. “This new technology will help Metrolink riders make a seamless transfer to Metro Rail, getting them to their destination sooner.”    

The integration of these new optic readers was covered by federal funding and is Phase 3 of Metrolink’s Mobile App Project; a technology transformation project that Metrolink has been progressing over the past six months. Also included is the launch of a new website and a GPS train tracker that allows riders to find their train in real-time.