oBike targets local business partnerships to streamline operations

Posted: 8 December 2017 | | No comments yet

A greener and healthier solution for short to medium distance transportation is coming to local communities with oBike’s expansion…

To fulfil smart city ambitions oBike will partner local businesses

oBike, Singapore’s home-grown station-less bike-sharing operator, has launched its Global Business Partnership Programme (GBPP) to localise its business model.

Through the GBPP, the bike-sharing company is striving to boost business and employment benefits in the communities that it operates in via a revenue-sharing model, which will ultimately translate into an enhanced user experience. oBike says it believes that a localised business model is the best way to operate within the cultural norms of each market and community, whilst leveraging its Global Service Platform.

The GBPP will partner local businesses for on-ground operations and provisioning of oBike resources. As a franchise business model, it aims to harness the expertise and resources of local businesses to better manage oBike operations, specifically geographically. This will be achieved through timely distribution, on-demand activation and up keeping of the bikes, enhancing the riders’ service.

Since its inception, oBike has seen tremendous growth of its operations and now operates in over 60 cities across 17 countries. oBike is now introducing an alternative and more localised business model to manage and streamline its large scale operations. The approach of GBPP is to decentralise operations into hubs that can be managed more efficiently by the local partners. 

The technology-driven bike-sharing service provides users around the world with a solution for short to medium distance transportation.The company says it believes that its station-less solution drives mobility and is in line with governments’ smart city ambitions; promoting a greener and healthier mode of transport for urbanites across the globe.

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