Whim Unlimited launches to offer passengers limitless public transport

Posted: 27 November 2017 | | 1 comment

Mobility-as-a-Service app Whim is making public transit easier by introducing an updated subscription service that offers users unlimited transport on a monthly basis in Helsinki…

Whim Unlimited launches to offer passengers limitless public transport

Whim Unlimited, a world first unlimited travel plan, offers subscribers transit services on all modes of Helsinki’s public transport for a monthly fee of €499 (Region €549/month). The updated Whim Urban service now offers simpler travel options at a reduced monthly rate of €49 (Region €99/month)

Rather than paying for transport on a journey-by-journey basis, Whim users now have the option of paying a monthly subscription fee that will enable them to access the best mobility options for their journey. Whim Urban or Whim Basic users can already make the switch to the new Whim Urban or Whim Unlimited plan inside the Whim app. MaaS Global, the creators of Whim, are encouraging its ‘Pay per Ride’ users to consider the new payment plans, though highlights that depending on their mobility needs, they might still get a cheaper fare on a pay as you go basis.

Whim Unlimited offers travellers unlimited access to HSL mobile tickets within Helsinki, as well as the option to add regional tickets, either singularly or for a further monthly fee of €55. Customers will also have access to unlimited taxi rides with Taksi Helsinki and Lähitaksi within a 5km radius, except on days on which they have rented a car (excludes pickup/return days), though any distance travelled beyond 5km will be charged at a standard rate. Access to unlimited mileage in a Veho rental car (Ford Fiesta or similar), with an additional driver, is also included, and access to a larger vehicle can be gained by paying an extra daily fee. Pending launch in Spring 2018, unlimited access to citybikes will be included in the monthly package as well.

Comparatively, Whim Urban offers its subscribers unlimited HSL Helsinki single tickets for each day of the month, 5km taxi rides for a maximum of €10, and access to car rentals for €49 per day.

What do you think? Do you spend more than €500 a month on transport, and would you pay that much for unlimited travel? Let us know in the comments!

One response to “Whim Unlimited launches to offer passengers limitless public transport”

  1. Christian Seiberlich says:

    Depending on the total cost (finance, gas, parking, insurance and taxes / tolls) to own a car, it would be an interesting option. Also important is the simplicity / availability of the different transportation modes.

    Unfortunately, it is still the wallet that govern the choice when one might wish that the environmental factor of not owning a car should be more decisive.

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