New electric central drive for city buses unveiled

Posted: 25 October 2017 | | No comments yet

A new electric central drive for city buses has been unveiled by its supplier, ZF.

A new electric central drive for city buses has been unveiled by ZF

ZF developed its new test vehicle within a year. That proves the viability of the CeTrax all-electric central drive

The electric central drive is called CeTrax, and it is suitable for both low-floor and high-floor applications. With a maximum output of 300kW and a maximum torque of 4,400Nm, CeTrax packs the same power as conventional engines.

CeTrax has the potential to really jump-start electromobility”

“The CeTrax central drive can be retrofitted into existing vehicle platforms without any larger modifications to the chassis, axles, statics or differentials,” says Dr. Jochen Witzig who is responsible for the bus transmission development at ZF. “Vehicle manufacturers thus save on development and installation costs. We’re the perfect partner when they want to use electric drives in addition to their conventional engines within the same platform strategy. CeTrax has the potential to really jump-start electromobility.”

A bus can accelerate from standing without any torque interruption with the new electric central drive, so passengers don’t notice a thing, and comfort is also ensured by much lower chassis vibrations plus a quieter ride compared to conventional engines.

Furthermore, due to the fact that that it can be combined with single rear drive axles and conventional low-floor axles, CeTrax can be installed installed in low-entry buses and low-floor buses of all sizes.

ZF’s central drive also provides clear weight advantages, high performance and excellent efficiency. This is down to the seamless engineering over the entire driveline and an innovative e-motor layout. The new electric drive, with its climbing ability of 25 per cent, can surmount steep hills and is therefore suited to urban terrain.