Nomad Digital delivers Wi-Fi to OBB’s Postbus in Austria

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Nomad Digital, has partnered with ÖBB Postbus (Austria’s primary bus operator) to deliver Wi-Fi to the Postbus fleet.

wi-fi for OBB in Austria

Nomad Digital, has partnered with ÖBB Postbus (Austria’s primary bus operator) to deliver Wi-Fi to the Postbus fleet.

wi-fi for OBB Postbus in Austria

Building on a strategic 10-year partnership with ÖBB, Nomad has designed, integrated and deployed its next generation Wi-Fi solution for the bus market, meaning ÖBB Postbus passengers will now benefit from best-in-class on-board Wi-Fi during their journey.

Enabling this is Nomad’s recently-launched 4500 product series for both the bus and rail markets. As part of a suite of enhanced technology solutions, the 4500 integrates the most modern access point and antenna technologies, which coupled with high processing capability and multiple next-generation modems, aggregates local Austrian 4G networks to deliver the best possible Wi-Fi broadband experience to passengers.

“Nomad is very happy to be partnering with ÖBB Postbus in delivering what is a very important high-quality Wi-Fi service for their passengers,” said Jean-Philippe Tissot, Nomad Digital Chief Commercial Officer. “In conjunction with ÖBB, we have launched our new 4500 product series with Postbus, and having extensively tested the service, we are delighted with the overall Wi-Fi performance and quality of service.”

To date, Nomad and ÖBB Postbus have implemented the solution on 232 Postbuses in Austria, and, as part of a broader strategic partnership with ÖBB, Nomad has established a fixed local presence in Austria, with a dedicated technical and customer management team based in Vienna. In addition, Nomad is in the process of equipping new ÖBB bus lines, including the airport route.

Commenting further, Christoph Schmutz, ÖBB’s Chief Information Officer, said: “In partnership with Nomad, we are delighted to be delivering a high-quality Wi-Fi services to our Postbus customers in Austria, and importantly, we look forward in the very near future to delivering both Wi-Fi and enhanced passenger services to our additional ÖBB bus passengers, across the ÖBB Group.”


Gregers Mogensen, Senior Advisor, Rejsekort A/S

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