Intertraffic Amsterdam and Automotive Week join forces

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Intertraffic Amsterdam has partnered with Automotive Week 2017 to underline the cooperation opportunities between traffic technology and the automotive industry.

Intertraffic Amsterdam has partnered with Automotive Week 2017 to underline the cooperation opportunities between traffic technology and the automotive industry.

Automotive Week is celebrating its third edition, offering a more international programme than previous years and will run from 26-31 March 2017. Attending the event at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands will be (inter)national mobility experts to discuss how future mobility can be organised.

This discussion is due to the fast-paced developments in the automotive, telecom and internet world, where the user is constantly connected to the internet and expects road authorities, transport operators and service providers to go along with these trends. Therefore, a main discussion point is how to deal with the increasingly complex road situations when more and more vehicles are connected to each other and to the internet.

Traffic technology and automated vehicles

While automated vehicles advance towards higher automation levels, cooperation becomes key – this creates new business opportunities and leads to new technology companies within the industry. During the Intertraffic summit on 28 March, the focus will be on what the automated industry means for our current traffic and mobility management and how the world of automotive and mobility can cooperate more closely.

“With mobility becoming smarter… the connected automotive market is a significant stakeholder”

“Traditionally Intertraffic Amsterdam has a focus on traffic technology and transportation,” said Joyce de Winter, Exhibition Manager Intertraffic Amsterdam. “With mobility becoming smarter at an incredible pace, the connected automotive market is a significant stakeholder. For Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 we are incorporating the automotive market in our platform.”

The Intertraffic summit

The Intertraffic summit ‘When Traffic and Automotive Join Forces’ kicks off with a plenary programme by internationally renowned speakers on a variety of topics. Followed by a panel discussion on ‘Anticipating on the Changing Mobility’ the summit will continue in the afternoon with a variety of dynamic workshops where best practices and pioneering mobility concepts will be shown.

For the full programme, partner overview and an indication of national and international days, see

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