Call for partners to take part in European trials of life saving collision avoidance system for LGV’s and Buses

Posted: 15 February 2016 | Safety Shield Systems | No comments yet

Cycle Safety Shield is conducting a three month trial of the lifesaving collision avoidance system for HGVs and Buses and would like to invite European companies to take part.

Call for partners – to take part in European trials of life saving collision avoidance system for LGV`s and Buses

Following a series of successful independent trials of Cycle Safety Shield, London borough of Ealing was the first borough to fit the system to all of their LGV fleet backed by funding from Transport for London.

Ealing’s contractors, Amey Group PLC and Murrills construction have also committed to roll out the system to their fleets of refuse and construction vehicles.

Supermarket giants Sainsbury`s have also started to install Cycle Safety Shield to their delivery vehicles.

The trials of Cycle Safety Shield which began 2013 showed very positive results with 15 potential serious collisions with vulnerable road users avoided and driver behaviour improved by 20% which also resulted in fuel cash saving of £1000.00 per vehicle per year.

Ealing’s decision to select Cycle Safety shield was based on the fact that the revolutionary technology not only protects vulnerable road users but also improves driver training and allows the transport manager to assess the driver’s behaviour and review potential accident hot spots in real time.

Ealing council and the Cycle Safety Shield roll out has proven so successful they have also won multiple road safety awards in 2015 including, National transport, Brake road safety, London transport, commercial fleet and CIHT awards.

We have now launched a new integrated software package for the system which allows the user to benefit from the following:

  • Improve employee safety – reduce the number of accidents and safety orientated events
  • Improve the driver culture of the organization
  • Reduce accident associated costs both direct and indirect(loss of man hours, vehicle downtime, insurance rates ect)
  • Improved fuel consumption – reduce fuel costs
  • Structured driver reports
  • Full video recording and analytic data capture
  • Reduced Insurance premium
  • Green organization, environment friendly
  • Transport authorities and associated Council boroughs will be able to view potential accident hotspots in real time and investigate the area prior to a collision occurring, therefore reducing overall accidents and collisions with cyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles.
  • Anyone committed to be involved in the trial will receive the telematics system, full accident prevention software, cycle safety shield system and 360 cameras at a heavily discounted price for the full system.

We are looking for a variety of different companies operating LGV`s, Buses, Coaches, construction vehicles ect, to take part and also transport authorities within Europe to get involved to review the accident prevention software.

We currently have several companies in the United Kingdom agreed to take part and the information received through the trial will be shared with Transport for London. 

For full details on how to become involved in the trial please contact Safety Shield Systems at:

Email – [email protected]

Tel – 01257 425742

Web –