SUZOHAPP welcomes the new €20 note

Posted: 30 November 2015 | SUZOHAPP | No comments yet

On 25 November the new € 20 note entered into circulation in the Euro zone…

SUZOHAPP welcomes the new €20 note

SUZOHAPP is providing its customers with the necessary software and hardware solutions to easily update their machines and devices to be able to accept the new €20 note.

This is one of the most used of the euro banknote denominations, thus making the equipment update even more important.

The Bill-to-Bill™ note recyclers and MFL™ bill validators, by design, are ready to accept the new €20 banknote and only require a simple software update. In addition, they have recently successfully passed the ECB test attaining 100% for their ability to accept authentic notes and reject counterfeits. An important success as, according to ECB, in the first half of 2015 454,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation. In particular the € 20 note continues to be the most counterfeited banknote.

SUZOHAPP welcomes the new €20 note

SUZOHAPP Bill-to-Bill™ recyclers and MFL™ bill validators pass ECB test

SUZOHAPP provides highly engineered component solutions for interactive self-service hardware to the global amusement, gaming, industrial, transportation and vending markets by serving both equipment operators and original equipment manufacturers.

 “We are very proud of this brilliant result since it has confirmed, once again, the maximum reliability and security of our note validating and recycling solutions”, stated Marcel Oelen, SUZOHAPP EMEA Managing Director.

“The Bill-to-Bill™ and MFL™ product lines have become industry standards and have set the bar high, especially when it comes to their reliability, performance and customer satisfaction”, explains Sim Bielak, EVP & GM, Global Bill-to Bill Product Line. “For Bill-to-Bill™ this was made possible thanks to the advanced sensor technology that improves valid bill recognition and protects against counterfeits. The validated bills are distributed between three recycling cassettes and one lockable-removable drop cassette. On the other hand, MFL™ provides high security due to unique patented multi-sensor technology with self-calibration system. Its aligning mechanism straightens the misaligned banknotes to prevent jams and assure a high acceptance rate (98% or higher).”