Kinetic unveils new safety upgrade for public transport in Melbourne

Posted: 22 January 2024 | | No comments yet

Kinetic’s Melbourne fleet gets a safety boost with real-time CCTV access, enhancing emergency response and reinforcing its commitment to a zero-emission future.

Kinetic unveils new safety upgrade for public transport in Melbourne

Credit: Kinetic

In a bid to enhance passenger safety and boost public confidence in using public transportation, Kinetic has announced that it has introduced a state-of-the-art safety upgrade across its entire Melbourne fleet.

The ground-breaking technology, integrated into Kinetic’s Operations Control Centre (OCC), allows the OCC team to access live feeds from CCTV cameras both inside and outside the buses in real-time when a driver activates the emergency call button. This enables the team to promptly assess developing situations and provide immediate support and advice to drivers. In the case of medical emergencies, the OCC can also request assistance from emergency services.

Michael Sewards, Co-CEO of Kinetic, said: “We know we need to give people a reason to choose public transport, and this is one of numerous initiatives we’ve introduced to give people more confidence to ditch the car and catch the bus, and feel safe and comfortable doing so.”

The initiative, funded by the Victorian Government and delivered in collaboration with the Department of Transport and Planning, comes with a range of benefits. It can help locate vulnerable passengers, such as those with dementia or missing children, and assist in quickly retrieving items left behind on buses. The technology also reduces the need for drivers to verbally communicate with the OCC during incidents of antisocial behaviour, thereby minimising potential escalations.

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In addition, the technology allows controllers to instantly access and review pre-recorded footage, offering a detailed understanding of incidents like traffic accidents. This capability enhances the OCC team’s ability to manage such situations effectively.

Kinetic’s OCC also monitors various factors, including traffic conditions, weather, bus locations and delays impacting the fleet. With advanced capabilities, the centre monitors over 4,100 trips daily, enabling the deployment of Customer Service Officers (CSOs) and On Road Network Supervisors where needed to improve the overall customer experience.

This safety initiative is part of Kinetic’s broader efforts to enhance the customer experience, which includes the presence of dedicated CSOs on both Victorian and Queensland networks and the deployment of zero-emission buses.

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