Kinetic makes Melbourne’s buses more accessible for people with disabilities

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Kinetic’s pioneering initiatives, including dedicated disability awareness training and a state-of-the-art Operations Control Centre, are reshaping Melbourne’s buses for a more inclusive and accessible passenger experience.

Kinetic enhances Melbourne's bus accessibility for people with disabilities

Credit: Kinetic

Kinetic, the operator of Melbourne’s Metropolitan Bus Franchise (MBF), has announced that it has introduced a series of pioneering features aimed at making bus travel more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

After taking the reins of the bus franchise in 2022, Kinetic has established an Accessibility Reference Group (ARG), gathering diverse perspectives to shape an inclusive bus network in the city.

In addition, one of the company’s noteworthy initiatives includes the appointment of a disability awareness trainer with lived experience. This strategic move ensures that both drivers and Customer Service Officers (CSOs) possess the necessary knowledge and skills to enrich the experience of passengers with disabilities.

Furthermore, Kinetic has also implemented the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities programme, a proactive measure reinforcing the company’s commitment to inclusivity. Moreover, a cutting-edge Operations Control Centre (OCC) in North Melbourne has been established, equipped with a dedicated team, live CCTV feeds and on-road supervisors to better manage disruptions and enhance communication with customers.

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““We’re taking deliberate steps to ensure our services are for everyone and can continue to connect people with disability to the community,” said Justin Rogers, Head of Customer Experience at Kinetic. “One in five have a disability and they can experience significant barriers to using public transport. We want to increase confidence travelling with us so people can connect to the things they want to do.”

Kinetic has also unveiled its second Accessibility Action Plan (AAP) for 2024-2026. Developed in consultation with individuals with lived experiences of disability, the plan outlines specific actions to enhance Melbourne’s bus experience. The focus remains on innovative features, improved communication and the development of capabilities to deliver a service that is accessible and inclusive.

“Plans like this one are important because they serve as roadmaps that not only remove barriers but also contribute to creating a more inclusive and accessible public transport network,” said Tricia Malowney OAM, Chief Accessibility Advocate at the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning and member of Kinetic’s ARG.

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